The FTS Methodology


Flexible Training Solutions customises training and assessment to meet your organisation’s specific needs. We work in conjunction with your team to develop a training program that covers the content your employees need, incorporates your current procedures and has minimal impact on operations. We also customise training materials to match your procedures, equipment and practices. Both FTS and our clients have found that this is a very effective way to incorporate training into a workplace.


FTS assessments are usually task-based instead of unit-based, allowing progress and ability to be measured against the job rather than a test. This allows the training and assessment to be completely integrated with the trainee’s work, and ensures that all trainees gain their skills and knowledge in a practical environment that they can apply to the job. Our assessment tools are mapped to the training package, which allows certification of the skills and knowledge and the issue of a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the units achieved and the qualification.


We’ve always found that training yields the best results for all parties when the employer gets involved in the planning process. This is why we prefer to work following the model below, first by consulting with management, then observing the way that the department operates, and tailoring our methods and materials to best match what we’ve seen and heard. We then consult again, and continue around the cycle until we have a training program that really fits, and can finally present as a delivery solution.